How can we express the flow of "memories" , which change and disappears in people's consciousness, as a creation?

Arisa Kawabe use realistic shaping power of sculpture  as a core way for her expression. She try to make a creation without ignoring "flux of time " , "movement" and "ambiguity" that present in our consciousness and the body.

In her exhibition, various combinations of elements of illusion, sound, or physical movement of images and photographs evoke fluctuation in sculpture entity and the relation between individual works make it possible for her works to move in on viewer's consciousness and body. 

Everyone has precious memories, but they will be lost over time.

However, even if memory is lost from the body (thinking the body is a container for the spirit), the being called “I”, which is made from the past memories, appears in this world.

The whole world consists of the accumulation of small stories of such "I" behind a large historical account.

Someone's story as a motive gave me the opportunity to connect to small stories of “I" and during this moment I felt that I could recognize the world a little.





Until now, I have been making artworks on the theme of a mere shadow of one's true self and bones.

The reason I make artworks of these themes is because of my experience through how I felt when I presented to my families cremation.

When I saw the bones turn into ash, it made me feel like "a person" that was existing only just yesterday was casting off an "bone" such as a shell.

I think the "bone" people cast off is like a ruin that has nobody to live in and also has a unique beauty.

Maybe it is because the past moments and memories are connoted by us.

At present, I make motif of clothing that captures peoples  "bone".

The reason why I started to capture the clothing as a persons "bone" is because,

after my family passing away the clothes that were left behind seemed like substitutes of their gone body to me. 

I might be making these artworks to give shape to my past moments.